Records Storage

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Creating a file management system can be overwhelming, especially if you have limited space, time and resources. DSS has helped hundreds of companies of every size develop the right document solutions for their needs by offering comprehensive records management services.

Why use professional records storage?

Business records can be defined as files which must be kept for a set amount of time due to legal or operational requirements. They can be in the form of paper documents or media such as LTO tapes, drives or disks. Utilizing a professional records storage service can help your organization in three key ways.

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Security - Protect your records from unauthorized access by storing them in a secure, off-site facility that is managed by trained professionals.

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Convenience - Free up space by moving your records off-site, but continue to have access when you need it with our delivery and pick up service.

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Flexibility - Easily adjust your inventory, send unneeded records for secure destruction, and pay only for the space you use.

How it works

Step 1: Indexing - You pick the boxes and files you want to store and decide how you want them labeled and tracked. For instance, do you only need to index boxes or do you need to index individual files as well? You can use your own indexing system with custom fields or we can provide you with a standard transmittal. We can also supply sturdy, double-walled file boxes.

Step 2: Pick up - We pick up the boxes from your location and add them into our system. Every box is labeled with a unique DSS barcode and tracking number. The barcodes are scanned to mark the status and location of every box.

Step 3: Request - You can request the delivery or pick up of boxes or files through the DSS web portal, by email, or by phone.

DSS Offers:

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Inventory Tracking

Always know the status and location of your files.

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Restricted Access

Entrance into DSS facilities requires special coded access only given to authorized personnel.

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Our operations in both Amarillo and Lubbock are AAA Certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). Learn about NAID.

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Fire Protection

Sprinklers are built into our racking system.

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Our secure services comply with federal regulations under HIPAA, FACTA, and more.

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Sturdy Boxes

You can choose to use our durable, double-walled storage boxes.

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Delivery / Pickup

Have on-going access to the records you need when you need them.

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Web Portal

Have 24/7 access to view your inventory and make delivery requests.

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Pest Prevention

We service our facility regularly to prevent pests such as mice and rats from getting to your files.

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CCTV Surveillance

All DSS facilities are under 24/7 CCTV surveillance adding an extra layer of security and accountability.

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