Storage Services

Your business needs room to grow, but files, seasonal decorations, and other items can get in the way and take up valuable real estate when they are not in use. Secure offsite storage with DSS is a convenient solution for organizations of every type and size. We offer a full delivery and pickup service with rush service available so you can have what you need when you need it without wasting office space. No matter your storage need, contact us today to develop a custom storage plan.

How it works

Step 1: Analysis

We work with you to determine your unique storage needs and develop a plan that will work for you.

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Step 2: Indexing

Items are indexed and barcoded for tracking. You can use your own indexing system or we can provide our standard transmittal.

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Step 3: Pickup

We will come to your location to retrieve the items. All parent items will be scanned and added to the work order.

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Step 4: Scanning

At the warehouse, all parent items are scanned and their location marked as they are placed onto shelves.

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Step 5: Retrieval

If you need a stored item, submit a delivery request and we will bring it to your location and then pick it up when you are done.

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Step 6: Disposal

When stored items reach their end of life, you can request their secure destruction in order to save on storage costs.

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Industry specific storage

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Medical records storage

Protect patient records and x-rays with HIPAA compliant, AAA certified offsite storage.

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Legal records storage

Conveniently store case files and evidence in a secure offsite location. Manage your inventory online and send delivery and pick up requests.

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Dental records storage

Secure dental x-rays and patient files in our HIPAA compliant facility to free up space and protect patient data.

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Core samples

Core samples from geological surveys contain important data, even business critical information and trade secrets. Keep them safe at a secure DSS facility.

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Maps and blueprints

Large format documents and drawings are bulky and difficult to organize in a commercial space. Offsite storage is the secure and convenient option.

Storage-Related Services

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Records Storage

DSS has helped hundreds of companies of every size develop the right document solutions for their needs by offering comprehensive records management services.

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Inventory Management

We offer all of our storage customers access to the DSS Web Portal. This secure, web-based tool offers secure, online access to their inventory 24/7.

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Document Scanning

Take control of your records, save space and simplify sharing and workflow by digitizing paper records with document scanning and imaging services.

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Storage Boxes

DSS boxes are specially designed for strength and durability. Their double-walled construction and one step setup make them the ideal box.

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