Service Area

When DSS began in 2002, our service area consisted of Amarillo and the surrounding area, but as the years have passed, our routes and services have grown. We are proud to serve communities in 3 states and across the Texas Panhandle and South Plains. We are working to expand our routes even further to provide important information destruction and management services to even more communities.

We have divided our service area into four sections to make it easy for potential customers to see if we are currently visiting their city or town. We only list the communities that we visit on a regular schedule at least once a month. There are other areas that we visit less frequently or only visit to provide special, one-time services such as sponsored shred days or large purges (one-time destruction projects). The services we provide may vary depending on the area. We strive to meet each customer’s individual needs, so please contact us for more information on the services we can provide in your area.

Service Areas

Texas Panhandle Highlands Map Icon


The area north of Plainview up to Oklahoma.

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Oklahoma Panhandle Map Icon


The area of Oklahoma between Texas and Kansas.

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Eastern New Mexico Map Icon


Communities close the border with Texas.

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Texas South Plains Map Icon


The area south of Plainview down to Midland Odessa.

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