DSS Team

The story of DSS began in 2002 when local entrepreneur, Eddie Scott, approached the owner of McCarty Hull, Bill McCarty, with the idea to start a document shredding business. They decided to test the concept by using trucks from McCarty Hull to start a shredding company. The shredding business quickly outgrew this arrangement and Document Shredding & Storage soon stood on its own. In 2006, the owners added a third partner, Muff London, who had been involved with the project since its inception, and in 2019, she also became the company’s majority owner.

As DSS grew to service the Texas Panhandle and beyond, the ownership made the decision to open a second facility in Lubbock. With two locations, DSS serves an area from Eastern New Mexico to Vernon, TX and from the Oklahoma Panhandle to Midland/Odessa. With more than 18 years of experience, DSS specializes in providing our clients with document shredding, records management, off-site storage, data destruction, and more.

DSS Ownership

DSS Employee - Muff

Muff London

DSS Employee - Eddie

Eddie Scott

DSS Amarillo

Amarillo was the first city we worked in, and today, our Amarillo team serves the Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma Panhandle.

DSS Employee - James

James Elkins, CSDS

General Manager
DSS Employee - Mark

Mark Bullard, CSDS

Sales Rep
DSS Employee - William

William Clendennen

Operations Manager
DSS Employee - Chuck

Chuck Clendennen

Storage Manager
DSS Employee - Aaron

Aaron Sandefer

DSS Employee - Jennifer

Jennifer Hernandez

Customer Service
Cindy Cooksey

Cindy Cooksey

DSS Employee - Bethany

Bethany Razo

DSS Employee - Greg

Greg Sandefer

DSS Employee - Paco

Paco Silvestre

DSS Employee - Patrick

Patrick Ponce

DSS Employee - Mac

Mack Medoza


DSS Lubbock

DSS Lubbock has been booming right along with the city. In early 2017, we made a move to a larger facility in order to better serve Lubbock and the surrounding areas.

DSS Employee - Rudy

Rudy Cantu

Manager / Sales
DSS Employee - Josh

Joshua Garcia

DSS Employee - Curtis

Curtis Neloms

Shred Room
DSS Employee - Tanner

Tanner Tavarez

DSS Employee - Taylor

Taylor Tavarez


Gabe Garcia


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