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Welcome to the DSS Security Brief where we cover trends and news related to information security, laws and regulations, best business practices and compliance.

Why shred local?

Got paper? But know it isn’t safe or environmentally responsible to just throw it in the trash? What should you do? Protect yourself and your documents by choosing to shred local. This means securely shredding your paper with our area’s most trusted shredding service provider. Do NOT be fooled by national chains that take paper…
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Why use a mobile shredding service

As information security becomes increasingly important, more and more businesses want extra assurance that their physical documents are being handled and destroyed with the proper care. The best option to give you more control and oversight in this process is mobile shredding. This service uses a box truck equipped with an industrial shredder to shred…
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What can I do with old devices?

Technology continues to evolve at an ever-increasing rate. As consumers race to keep up with the latest trends, old and out-dated devices are piling up. These devices maybe MP3 players, smartphones, computers, laptops and more. When you are ready to do something about these technological oldies, you have three general options: upcycle/repurpose, resell/donate or destroy/recycle.…
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9 Steps to Create an RIM Strategy

It is 2020 and life is changing. Many businesses do not know what the future may hold or what they will have to do to adapt, but there are steps you can take to make your company more flexible and better prepared to meet whatever tomorrow may hold. One of those steps is developing a…
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Maintaining information security when employees work from home

In recent years, an increasing number of businesses have employees who work remotely or work from home. In the wake of COVID-19, this trend has become a new norm across the world. This arrangement promotes social distancing and offer benefits for both employer and employee. However, without proper protocols, tools, and training, remote workers can…
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The paper recycling process

Do you know what happens when you recycle? At DSS, we recycle an average of 190 tons of paper every month. Let’s take a look at what happens to that paper as it goes through the recycling process. But, before we dive into the recycling process, we need to start by explaining why we should…
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16 common privacy provisions

In the past, we have discussed a growing trend in state legislation attempting to put control of personal information back into the hands of consumers. As we wait to see how Texas and eventually the Federal government will act, we can perhaps gain foresight into the future by examining provisions which commonly appear in privacy…
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Dangers of Reselling Devices

A new study revealed dangers associated with reselling devices. The study found that seven out of ten devices are vulnerable to data breach and privacy risk when resold for second hand use. The researchers tested a total of 311 devices. These included 151 hard drives, 150 memory cards (such as SD cards), and 10 smartphones.…
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