Records Storage Boxes

At first glance, DSS records storage boxes might look the same as any other standard size file box, but DSS boxes are specially designed for both strength and durability. The original designer called them miracle boxes because of their easy setup and ability to be reused over and over. These features and more make them the ideal box for records storage and beyond. We sell boxes to the public from any DSS facility, or we can deliver them to the location of current storage customers.

DSS Box Features

Cross Section of a DSS Storage Box Wall

Double-Walled Construction

Two corrugated box walls provide the strength you need for any job.

DSS Storage Box Handle

Tear Resistant Handles

The handle cutouts are designed to last even when carrying heavy items.

Set Up of DSS Storage Box

Easy Box Setup

Boxes are sold folded flat, but can be set up in 3 simple steps.

DSS Storage Box Lid

Tight Fitting Lid

Lids are included with our boxes, and fit snugly to keep items in place.

Human Standing on DSS Storage Box to show Strength

200 lbs. Test Strength

Boxes are constructed with a 200 lbs. bursting strength.

DSS Storage Box Being Refolded


Empty boxes can be refolded flat for easy storage or transportation.

DSS Storage Box Dimensions


They are the same size as a standard file or copy box, 12 in. x 15 in. x 10 in.

Stack of DSS Storage Boxes


Our boxes were designed to be stacked several high without collapsing.


How to Set Up A DSS Box

Box: Open a folded box, turn it upside down and push until the outside wall is even with the inside wall.

How to Set Up A DSS Box lid

Lid: Fold up the two long sides of the lid and fold in the tabs on the end, then fold over the short ends of the lid and push in the tabs to hold in place.


  • Records storage
  • Moving boxes
  • Large gift boxes
  • Storing heavy items

Need boxes? We sell them individually or in cartons of 25. Call or visit a DSS location today to learn more and get the boxes you need.

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