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Amarillo is a close-knit community that knows how to take care of its own. In 2002, two local entrepreneurs, Eddie Scott and Bill McCarty started Document Shredding & Storage with just a few trucks and dream. Now DSS has grown to be Amarillo’s most trusted shredding service provider. This is our birthplace, and we are committed to providing our community with secure and affordable shredding services.

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Amarillo Shredding Services

We have a variety of shredding options to meet the needs of Amarillo businesses and residents. All DSS shredding services include recycling. This guarantees your documents will never be reconstructed and keeps waste out of local landfills while conserving important resources such as water and petroleum. Below is a list of the service options which are available.

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Plant-based shredding:  Does your business have large amounts of paper which needs to be securely destroyed? Plant-based or off-site shredding is generally the easiest and most affordable option for large jobs. This service can be provided for a one-time project or on a regularly scheduled basis.

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Onsite mobile shredding:  Do you want to control your documents up until the moment they are shredded? Mobile shredding is the perfect option for you. This is the only service that allows you not only to watch as paper is emptied into a shred truck, but also to see via monitor as paper enters the truck’s onboard shredder. There are several benefits to mobile shredding that make it a great option for a wide variety of Amarillo businesses and agencies.

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One-time project (purge):  Have piles of old files taking up space? Schedule your one-time shredding project today. DSS can service your Amarillo location with either plant-based or mobile shredding. Regardless of how your paper is stored (in boxes, filing cabinets, or loose), no job is too big or too small for DSS.

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On-going, scheduled service:  Ready to take control of your information lifecycle? DSS provides the Amarillo business community with convenient on-going shredding services. With this service, we provide a shred collection container for your location that we service on a schedule that works best for you. The service can be mobile or plant-based. This option makes secure document destruction as easy as slipping paper into a bin.

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Residential shredding:  Securing information is just as important for individuals as it is for businesses. DSS provides Amarillo residents with convenient options for securely shredding personal documents. These options include drop off, residential pick up, and shred bags.

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Drop off shredding:  Looking for the most affordable shredding option? Bring your paper to the DSS facility for secure shredding at a great price. Small amounts of paper (15 or fewer file boxes) can be shredded for just $10 per container. For larger amounts, call us to discuss pricing options.

Shredding for specific Amarillo industries

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Healthcare: We are well aware of the importance of safeguarding patient information under HIPAA regulations. Ensure compliance by opting for AAA NAID certified shredding services, relieving the burden of secure document destruction.


Education: Whether it's in higher education or at an elementary school, safeguarding student files and sensitive information is paramount. DSS processes adhere to both state and federal regulations, offering convenient and secure shredding solutions to streamline your document security.

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Law: Client confidentiality is a cornerstone of any successful practice. Even a minor breach in records could damage your reputation and jeopardize important client relationships. Avoid these risks by properly shredding and destroying documents.


Financial: Banks and financial institutions are subject to stringent state and federal regulations regarding secure information disposal after the retention period ends. DSS provides FACTA-compliant shredding services tailored to your needs for added convenience.


Energy: The energy sector plays a crucial role in Amarillo's ongoing development. While technology is a focus, handling business-critical information securely is equally vital. DSS not only offers shredding services for regular paper but also assists with secure shredding of large format documents like maps, blueprints, and more.

Consider the environmental impact when selecting a shredding provider; at DSS, every document shredded is also recycled. Opting for DSS not only ensures the protection of your information but also contributes to environmental conservation, giving you peace of mind and a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Other services available in Amarillo, TX

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