DSS Shred Bags

DSS shred bags are a unique solution for home offices and remote workers. They are made from 100% recycled paper, and have a capacity of 6 gallons or approximately 22-25 lbs. of paper. They can be purc They can be purchased by phone and delivered to your doorstep. The cost of the bag also covers the cost of shredding with no additional fees. When bags are full, they can be sealed and dropped off for shredding at any DSS facility. The bag will be shredded and recycled with the paper it holds.


Personal Shredding

Often, it is easier to collect documents for shredding in a designated container as you work over time or as you clean out a space. DSS shred bags are easily stored until they are needed. The documents they contain are clearly designated as needing secure destruction. For other personal shredding options, visit the Residential Shredding page.

Remote Workers

More and more businesses are allowing employees to work from home. Any business related notes, mail or printed documents need to be secured and properly destroyed. The information they contain must be protected the same way it would if the employee were working at the office. Businesses can distribute shred bags to their remote employees with guidelines on what needs to be destroyed and how the bags and documents should be stored. When the bag is full the employee can bring it directly to a DSS facility or the business can set up a central company location for bags to be brought and DSS can service that one location on a regular basis.


Shred bags are a great gift for anyone who needs to collect documents for secure destruction. This includes busy professionals who need a convenient way to manage papers at work, retirees who need a simple option for collecting old documents for destruction, and home workers who must secure business documents for proper disposal.


As more people are aware of the dangers associated with unsecured information, particularly at the time of disposal, DSS shred bags make a useful and successful fundraising tool. We can work with non-profits and educational organizations to not only offer shred bags at discounted prices, but also to increase their reach through the use of our owned media platforms. If your school or organization is interested in this fundraising option, please contact our main office toll free at 1-866-381-6611.

Cost and Ordering

$15 if purchased from a DSS location
$25 with delivery to your location*
*Delivery is currently only available within the city limits of Amarillo and Lubbock

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