Why shred local?

Got paper? But know it isn’t safe or environmentally responsible to just throw it in the trash? What should you do? Protect yourself and your documents by choosing to shred local. This means securely shredding your paper with our area’s most trusted shredding service provider.

Do NOT be fooled by national chains that take paper drop offs. Most of those locations are not certified and do NOT have staff trained to securely handle documents. In fact, most of the paper dropped off at chain stores is not shred by that business. They merely place paper in a bin to be picked up later and shredded by a national or even globally owned third party.

2020 has taught us many lessons, and none is more important than the need to support our local community and businesses. Choosing a locally based shredding provider means your money stays in our area which creates jobs and boosts our economy. Other key benefits include:

  • Transparency in how and where your paper is handled and processed
  • Clear chain of custody
  • Staff trained specifically in secure document destruction
  • Recycling to keep paper out of local landfills
  • And the flexibility and customer service our community demands

Bring your paper to a community-based shredding provider you can trust and have peace of mind that your documents are properly handled, your money stays local, and your paper is responsibly recycled. Contact us for information on paper drop off and other residential shredding services.

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