4 benefits of a one-time shredding project

Being organized increases efficiency and reduces stress and miscommunication in your business. But how do you get started with organizing? Step 1 is cleaning out what you don’t need. No where is this more neglected than the average office file room. However, cleaning out old files doesn’t have to be a headache. In fact, there are 4 key benefits to cleaning out old files with a one-time shredding project.

1. Protect your business

Even unneeded and outdated documents contain information which should be protected. For instance, personally identifying information of employees and customers must be secured in order to prevent identity theft and other fraud. There is also important business information that could be harmful if it fell into the hands of criminals or even competitors. A one-time shredding project done by a certified service provider guarantees your documents will be securely destroyed and the information rendered completely unreadable. This provides you with peace of mind that your information is correctly handled and that you remain in compliance with key regulations.

2. Free up space

Think of a one-time shredding project like a giant reset button. You reset your business files back to only those which are needed. Suddenly, you have more room in your filing cabinets and filing rooms to properly organize the remaining documents. You also reclaim space for other office needs.

3. Convenience

A professional shredding service will do the heavy lifting for you. They will come to your location to collect boxes or even empty filing cabinets. Or they can provide shred collection containers for you to fill that they will collect for shredding when you are ready. A provider should be able to shred on-site using a mobile shred truck or provide secure transportation of the paper back to a plant for shredding. Both options are secure, and best of all you won’t have to lift a finger to know that everything is being properly handled.

4. Focus on what matters

Sorting files can feel tedious and even overwhelming. Start by sorting into just two categories: keep and shred. Once the shred pile has been sent off for secure destruction and recycling, you are left with a much smaller amount of documents to deal with. Now you can view the remaining documents with fresh eyes. Also take advantage of the space you have freed up to prepare for the future. Create a filing system that will keep you and your employees organized moving forward.

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