Why should you destroy old technology?

It isn’t a newsflash that we live in a digital world. We depend on smart, connected devices to run our modern lives. And we all face the question of what to do when devices break or are no longer needed. Most of us either shove them into a junk drawer or toss them directly in the trash. However, neither of those is the best answer. Instead, we should all seriously consider having our devices destroyed by a professional service. Why? Here are three reasons why you should destroy old technology.

1. Secure any stored data

Nearly every electronic device we own today has some type of memory or hard drive. It may seem obvious that the hard drive of a copier likely contains sensitive information since it holds digital copies of thousands of pages. It may be less obvious that the data on a smart appliance reveals your habits and patterns. With so much data floating around it is hard to keep track of everything our devices know about us. For a small fee you can have a professional service physically destroy your devices. This will guarantee any information they contain is rendered inaccessible. This is the only sure way to have peace of mind that no devices can be used against you.

2. Clear out your junk drawer

Still sitting on that old Blackberry? Tired of staring at that outdated iPad? Old devices are not going to make a comeback. Out with the old and in with new. Stop hesitating about what to do with your outdated and damaged tech. Take it to a professional hard drive or media destruction service. They will properly and securely destroy the items, so that you never have to worry about them again.

3. Recycle old tech

While outdated devices needed to be put to bed, many of their components can and should be recycled. This type of recycling is difficult for individuals to do because it is done in bulk amounts. However, when you destroy your old technology with a professional service, the service provider will by able to collect components for later recycling.


You may have wondered about donating or reselling devices. While this is an option for some types of technology, such as smartphones, it is not good fit for everything, and worse, it can lead to potential data breaches. Second hand devices can still contain residual data even after being deleted or even wiped. Once the device is out of your possession, you have no control and in many cases no insight into how your data is handled. Destruction is a reliable and secure option.


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