On-Going Residential Shredding Service

,On-going residential service

Whether you are a business with remote workers or an entrepreneur working from a home office, information security should always be a priority. A key aspect of that security is secure disposal. To make this process simple and convenient DSS now offers an on-going residential shredding service. Companies can purchase this for all of their remote workers and pay on a single invoice. Or individuals can set this service up for themselves.

*Please note: This service is limited to specific areas and customers. Please contact us to see if you qualify.

How it works

  1. Drop off: We drop off a FREE small bin or console at your home. Place it wherever is convenient for you and your family.
  2. Fill it: As you produce paper waste, simply add slip into the bin. Be sure to place all paper waste into the bin including notes, magazines and more since it will all be shredded and recycled.
  3. Pick up: Every 8 weeks a DSS service representative will come to your home and take the paper for secure shredding.
  4. Recycling: After the paper is shredded, it will be sent to a paper mill for recycling into low-grade paper goods.

There is no charge for the bin or console, there will only be a charge at the time of service. Service can be cancelled anytime with no fees or penalties. The only requirement will be that the bin or console is returned to DSS.

To learn more about the on-going residential shredding service please contact our office by phone at 806-381-6611 or by email at service@docshredders.com.

Other residential shredding options:

  • Drop off: On any weekday, you can drop off paper for shredding at one of our facilities. Ring the doorbell or call to let us know you have arrived. One of our workers will come to unload the paper. You may remain in your vehicle as the paper is unloaded. We can take payment by cash or credit card.
  • One-time pick up: Call to set up a time for us to pick up the paper from your location. This is ideal for those with a lot of paper or those who simply do not have the time or ability to bring it to us.
  • Shred bags: Customers purchase shred bags up front, fill them at their home or office, and then drop the full bags off at a DSS location for shredding. The cost of the bag covers the cost of shredding; there are no additional fees, and the bag will also be shredded and recycled.

Learn more about all of these options on the residential shredding page.

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