Go digital with document scanning

Time is is ticking on and paperwork is piling up. The best way to take control of your records in the modern world is to go digital with document scanning. No matter the size of your business, here are 6 reasons you should consider digitization today.

1. Consistent indexing and searchability

Often finding a document can be incredibly tedious without a universal indexing system. Every department, or sometimes even every individual can have a unique filing system. In order to give your business the adaptability it needs to survive in or world today, you and your employees need to have the right information at the right time. By going digital, you have the opportunity to create a consistent indexing system across your entire business. Place every document at the fingertips of your employees and streamline your workflow.

2. Guard information on fragile originals

Some information is too important to by left on paper. Especially if that paper is improperly stored and protected. Safeguard the information which matters by copying your data into a digital format. Document scanning can preserve the information in multiple digital spaces such as hard drives and cloud services to guarantee no critical information is ever lost.

3. Increase security

Many businesses fail to properly secure physical documents. File rooms are rarely secured, and access to documents is seldom tracked and recorded. True security requires first that access to files be limited to only those that need access for work purposes and second that each time a file is accessed a record is created with the date and time of the access and the name of the person. When you go digital you can implement software solutions that implement these basic safeguards and many others for you.

4. Reduce the cost of storage

Real estate has never been more precious than right now. Why waste unnecessary space for file rooms when you can transform those documents into digital files that can by stored on a single hard drive or in the cloud? Save space and more importantly save money by better utilizing your space.

5. Improve customer service and audit response

Empower your customer service team with easy access to all of the documents they need to best assist your customers regardless of which departments are involved. Further, many businesses undergo auditing of one form or another. Producing relevant documents in the required time frames is far easier with a digitized, searchable system.

6. Empower a remote workforce

Whether you already have remote workers, or are planning to develop a remote workforce in the future it is critical for you to have an easy and secure way to share files with them. Keep in mind that email is not generally considered a secure medium for documents which should be protected. Empowering a remote workforce while maintaining security is nearly impossible without properly digitized documents.

The time is now to take control of you files and push your business into the future with document scanning. Learn more about how the process works HERE!

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