First Saturday Shred Days

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Bring your personal shredding

We know it can be hard to drop off your personal shredding during the week. DSS is glad to now offer a drop off option on the first Saturday of every month specifically for our non-business customers. We began this service several months ago at our Amarillo location, but beginning in April 2020 we will be expanding this service to our Lubbock facility as well.

1st Saturday of Every Month
9:00 a.m. to Noon

DSS Amarillo
2727 SW 45th Ave.

DSS Lubbock
6702 Upland Ave.

$10 per reasonably sized box/bag
Cash or charge

*This service is for non-business customers only
**Reasonably sized box or bag refers to a container that a single DSS employee can physically lift to empty into a bin.

How it works

  1. As you enter the DSS parking lot, look for our mobile shred truck. Pull up next to the truck and you will be greeted by a trained DSS employee.
  2. Let us know where the paper is, and we will unload it for you. All paper will be removed from boxes, bags or other containers placed into a one of our 64 gallon bins.
  3. When a bin is full, it is taken to the shred truck, emptied into the hopper, and immediately shredded.
  4. After the event, shredded paper will be compressed into 1,000 lbs. bales which will be sent for recycling into paper goods. For more information on the recycling process, visit the Environmental Impact page.

For more information on non-business or personal shredding and the options you have for using DSS services, please visit the Residential Shredding page. If you require business service, you can begin to explore our service options by visiting the Shredding page, or if you are ready to start a conversation, fill out the contact form on this page or give us a call and we will be happy to develop solutions to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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