All In the Bin

rectangular graphic with black background and image of miscellaneous paper items going into blue plastic shredding container and text reading: Recycle your paper, put it all in the bin!

Why put all paper in the bin?

If your office already has a DSS bin that is regularly serviced, you are NOT charged by the pound. Instead, DSS charges each time the bin is serviced. So, your goal should be to fill your bin as much as possible in order to get the most out of each service. Beyond this, there are two critical reasons to put ALL paper in the bin.

1. Responsibly Recycle

green recycling symbol

All paper shredded by DSS is sent off for responsible recycling. Your paper will become low-grade paper goods such as toilet paper, paper plates, napkins and more. This makes recycling all you paper as easy as slipping paper into a bin. And when you shred and recycle with DSS you are preserving important resources. Every ton of paper recycled saves:

green circular icon of a tree


Pulp Trees

blue circular icon with waves representing water


Gallons of Water

red circular icon of dump truck on hill representing a landfill


Cubic Yards of Landfill

yellow circular icon of gas pump nozzle representing oil


Gallons of Oil

blue circular lightning bolt icon representing energy


kWhs of Energy

Learn more about our environmental impact HERE.

2. Protect ALL Information

red icon representing a padlock

You and your employees are busy running your business, you don’t have time to examine every piece of paper to decide if it contains any information that should be protected. Also, most employees are not trained to recognize what information should be destroyed. Don’t leave crucial decisions about information security in the hands of individual employees. Create a top-down, business-wide that ALL paper goes in the DSS shred bin.

What can go in the bin?

rectangular red icon representing text on a piece of paper

Office Paper

red icon representing three pieces of mail


red icon representing the front page of a folded newspaper


red icon representing a magazine cover


red icon representing a paper file folder

Paper Folders

square red icon representing a note jotted a Post-it note


Whether it is a printed report, a handwritten note, or embossed letterhead, ALL office paper should go in the bin. This includes printed materials and paper folders and envelopes such as manila folders. Paper clips and staples are also safe, but remove paper from binders or anything with metal or cardboard.

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