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Secure Your ID Shred Day

DSS & Amarillo Better Business Bureau have teamed up for the annual "Secure Your ID" Shred Day! 

Come join us for a day of shredding! Gather up your personal documents with sensitive information and bring it to us to shred! Do not become a victim of identity theft. We welcome everyone!

Don’t be the next victim of identity theft. Let Amarillo Crime Stoppers, Student Crime Stoppers of Amarillo and Document Shredding & Storage help keep your information secure. Bring all your sensitive documents to Market Street United on Georgia Saturday, April 29th, and let us shred them for a donation to the Amarillo Crime Stoppers.


  • Are you confident your company stores and discards employee and client information properly?
  • Are you aware of the new laws that will penalize your company?
  • Does your company have a procedure to follow the new precautions necessary to prevent stolen identity?

Document Shredding & Storage has services that can satisfy all of your needs and responsibilities in the areas of security, shredding, storage and data destruction.



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  • Are you concerned about disposing of your old computer hard drives or other forms of media?
  • Do you know that even copy machines use hard drives that store information from every document scanned?