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  • Are you confident your company stores and discards employee and client information properly?
  • Are you aware of the new laws that will penalize your company?
  • Does your company have a procedure to follow the new precautions necessary to prevent stolen identity?

Document Shredding & Storage has services that can satisfy all of your needs and responsibilities in the areas of security, shredding, storage and data destruction.

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New legislation is being proposed and in few cases already passed on the state level. What will the future of privacy look like? Well, examining these common provisions might just give us a pretty good picture.

Right now the way legislation addresses privacy issues is shifting from a focus on preventing identity theft to a focus on giving control of personal information back to individuals.

A new study shows that data is still accessible on the majority of hard drives, smartphones, and memory cards even after deletion and formatting. This data is vulnerable when reselling, donating, or recycling used devices.

  • Are you concerned about disposing of your old computer hard drives or other forms of media?
  • Do you know that even copy machines use hard drives that store information from every document scanned?