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Document Shredding

Shredding - A Daily Responsibility

Every business discards informaton on a regular basis. The challenge is to ensure that information is protected from unauthorized access. This includes phone messages, daily transaction reports, customers lists, your business records, outdated floppy discs, computer CDs and even old computers. If they contain private information, it can bring harm to everyone involved, including employees, shareholders, customers and even you as the business owner or manager.

Easy Solutions

Proper destruction is not difficult, but it requires a commitment to the highest standards available. Your customers not only expect you to protect information, they demand it.

theONE Type of Coverage

We have theONE Professional Liability Insurance because it is the only insurance specifically crafted for information destruction service providers. This unique policy covers claims resulting from the misuse or mishandling of your records or documents, which may lead to violations* and transfer of intellectual property. Any of these could be damaging to your business, but would NOT be insured without the proper professional liability policy in place. In addition, and most importantly, this policy provides indemnification for damages resulting from intentional acts of shredding contractor's employee's and coverage for negotiable instruments.