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Our Procedures 

All of our operations center around the security of the assets we handle. Please read on to learn more about our procedures.


  • All DSS employees undergo an extensive background check before they can be hired.
  • Random background and drug tests are performed on employees every year.
  • All employees, regardless of function, are thoroughly trained on information security.
  • All employees can be quickly identified by a DSS badge when they are on duty.


  • All DSS vehicles which are used to transport secure materials are kept locked at all times.
  • Daily checks are performed on vehicles, including checks of all locks.


  • When a bin is in the possession of a DSS employee, it is never left unattended. Drivers are trained to stay with any bin until it is securely stowed and locked on a DSS vehicle.
  • Bins are not unloaded until they reach a secure DSS facility.


  • DSS facilities can only be accessed by a security code.
  • From the time paper enters our facility until it is shred and sent for recycling, it is under 24/7 CCTV surveillance.
  • Our facilities also have complete sprinkler systems to prevent fire, and regular spraying to prevent any pests.
  • When the facility is unoccupied an alarm system is activated.

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