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The SituationThe Law: It is legally required to securely hold and dispose of personal information.
Public Relations: Your customers insist upon privacy.
Media: The media are aggressively looking for headlines involving breaches of privacy.
Secrecy: Trade secret and non-compete agreements lose legal protection if information is not protected at all times.
The Future: Regulations and risks will only increase as time goes on.

How DSS can help

Let us help you with your "privacy" compliance program. Our business associates agreement and confidentiality agreement will assist you to meet and maintain HIPAA and FACTA compliance.

  • Meets security and privacy requirements
  • Shredded Material is recycled, never thrown in the trash,
     eliminating "dumpster diving thieves."
  • Limits the exposure of sensitive information to entry-level employees.

DSS currently offer 3 services to help you secure your assets. Click the buttons below to learn more about what we can offer your business.

Our Services

Why choose DSS?

DSS is certified, secure, and convenient. When you work with us, you are working with certified experts in the field of information security and destruction.  

All DSS destruction procedures and equipment are certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). Here is what NAID AAA certification guarantees for DSS customers:

  • NAID uses a combination of scheduled and surprise audits to verify that secure destruction services consistently meet operational security standards.
  • Helps the clients establish the due diligence required to comply with HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Biley (GLB) and FACTA.
  • Qualifies as the annual business associate review required of covered entities under HIPAA.
  • Meets the standard for reasonableness that is generally accepted by government agencies and courts.
  • Most importantly, it makes sure the customer is getting the security they demand.
  • View our certification HERE by search for Document Shredding & Storage.

Security is built in at every level of our business. Not only do we physically secure our facility, all DSS employees are also required to abide by strict security standards. Whether we are picking up boxes of paper for shredding or files for document storage, you can trust that every part of our process is focused on keeping your assets secure. Here are just some of our security procedures:

  • 24/7 security surveillance. All paper the is shredded on a truck or is brought to our plants for shredding remains under camera surveillance until it is destroyed and sent off for recycling.
  • Our facilities are not open to the public. All doors are lock and require an access code. Any visitors to our facilities are required to sign in and must be escorted.
  • All DSS employees undergo extensive background checks, and sign confidentiality agreements.
  • Documents stored at DSS are also protected from fire and pest damage.

Whether you need regular shredding service for your business or your just have one time job, we make secure disposal and recycling easy. Our document storage service is also geared to make managing and accessing your files are easy as possible in a secured environment.

  • For regular shredding service, we place a bin or console at your office, you fill it with paper, we pick it up on a schedule that meets your needs and replace it with an empty bin (we can also shred documents on location).
  • For purge customers (1 time service we shredding), you can either bring the paper to us, or for a fee we can come pick up the files you need shred and load them on a secured trailer for shredding out our facility or use a mobile shred truck to shred documents on-site.
  • For storage contracts we offer a complete delivery and pickup service. Send us a message and the files you need and our Warehouse Manage will pull the files for you and deliver them to your office (rush service is available).

Ready to learn more about how DSS can help your business?

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You can also learn more about our business and the areas we service by visiting the about us page.