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First Saturday Shred Days

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A Brand New Service

We know it can be hard to drop off your personal shredding during our regular business hours, so we are offering a new shredding service for residential customers on the first Saturday of every month.

Saturday, January 4th
9:00 a.m. to Noon

DSS Parking Lot
2727 45th Ave.
(Across from the old Midnight Rodeo)

$10 per reasonably sized box
(Box is defined as a standard storage/file box approximately 15”x12”x10”)

Cash or Charge

*This service is for non-business customers only.

How it works:

Step 1: As you enter our parking lot on SW 45th Ave, you will see our shred truck.  Just drive up and park next to the truck.

Step 2: One of our attendants will be there to help unload your paper, and place it into one of our security containers.

Step 3: Once a bin is full, it will be emptied into the shred truck and immediately shredded.

Step 4: Later, the shredded paper will be baled and sent off for recycling into low-grade paper goods.