COVID-19 Position Statement

Updated October 20

We provide critical information security services and are considered essential, but in order to continue operating safely, we have made changes in our processes both at our facilities and at customer locations. We continue to examine our practices and make any changes we deem necessary for the safety of our staff and customers. If you have questions, please fill out the contact form on the website or call us toll free at 1-866-381-6611. You can also email us at

COVID-19 Precautions

Here is a list of precautions we are taking to stop the spread. This list may not be comprehensive as we continue to evaluate and adjust our practices.

  • Regularly disinfecting work areas and vehicles
  • Rinsing empty bins with a bleach solution before they leave our facility
  • Spraying and wiping bins with a bleach solution when they are dropped off and picked up from customer locations.
  • Requiring workers wear masks and gloves
  • Requiring employees wash their hands when entering a DSS facility
  • Providing employees with access to hand sanitizer, soap and disinfectants
  • Encouraging all employees to practice social distance
  • Limiting time in customer locations

Changes to Scheduled Shred Services

Except in a few rare instances, DSS employees will not enter a customer location when swapping out shred bins. Instead, the driver will call when he has arrived, and bring the empty bin to the door. The customer will need to meet him to exchange the full bin for an empty bin. At the time of the exchange, the DSS driver will disinfect both bins with a bleach solution.

For other services, such as a one-time shredding project or purges, we will need to discuss which procedures will work best on a case by case basis.

Changes to Residential and Drop Off Services

Secure information destruction is not only an essential business, it is a critical personal service as well. While some of our processes have changed to due to COVID-19, we have worked hard to provide convenient shredding solutions for our residential customers.

Residential Drop Off

Every weekday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., customers can bring paper for shredding to any DSS facility. Customers can call the number on the door or ring the door bell. A DSS employee equipped with mask and gloves will come to unload the paper and empty it into shred bins. We are asking that the paper be in the back of the vehicle for us to unload. Payments must be made by credit card or with exact cash. You can find more details about residential drop off here.

Shred Bags

DSS shred bags are a perfect no-contact solution for remote workers and home offices. Each bag is made from 100% recycled paper and can each hold 6 gallons of paper. They can be purchased at any DSS location or ordered by phone and delivered to your location. The cost of the bag covers the cost of shredding, so a full bag can be brought to any DSS facility during normal business hours. You can learn more about DSS shred bags here.

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