4 ways professional records storage will help your business

You are busy running your business. You don’t have time to dig through file boxes or index folders. But at some point you have to deal with your company’s documents. However, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or even expensive. Take control of your documents by outsourcing the work to a service provider. Why? Here are four ways professional records storage will help your business.

1. Get organized

organize with professional records storage

Records storage consists of more than just putting boxes on a shelf or files in a drawer. It means indexing boxes and their contents. This can be tedious. However, outsourcing allows you to choose how detailed the indexing should be and how hands on you want to be in the process. A professional records storage company can go pick up and go through boxes for you, indexing them according to the format you request. When they are done, they will provide you access to a list of the inventory either via a spreadsheet or by access to an indexing software system. Both options will allow you to see a all of your inventory. Most importantly, indexing will allow you and your service provider to locate the correct files when you need them.

2. Keep records secure

security with professional records storage

Often company filing processes fail to meet basic security standards. Documents can be spread across different offices and in various cabinets or boxes. There is generally no way to limit or track access, both of which are critical for security. Professional records storage providers should have a secure warehouse that has limited access using door codes and alarms. They will also have software to track access to and movement of files and boxes. Beyond these basics, a provider should also have a warehouse with regular pest prevention and built in fire protection. Finally, any records storage facility should also be under 24/7 CCTV surveillance. All of these measures should be in place to give you peace of mind that your inventory is secure.

3. Access what you need

Control access with profession records storage

A professional records storage company will have a delivery and pick up service with rush service also available to make sure you have the files you need when you need them. All you have to do is request a box or file and the service provider will do all of the heavy lifting to deliver the items to your location. When you are done, simply submit a request for pick up and the provider will return to collect the items and return them to the warehouse where they will be logged back in and refiled.

4. Track retention

track with professional records storage

Now that your files are indexed and organized, you can more easily see what must be kept and what can be securely destroyed. Some documents must be kept for specific periods of time for legal or business purposes. This is called the “retention period.” Once items have reached the end of their retention period, they can be securely destroyed. Regular, secure destruction of old documents reduces your storage costs, makes way for new inventory, and permanently protects their information. An added bonus is that most service providers will also responsibly recycle the shredded paper.

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